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收起|Acting in Wing Yung 《容闳》中的出演

“Sometimes while living in China opportunities arrive that are

unexpected. My long time friend Steve Boergadine, who has been involved

in USA and Chinese style movies for a number of years, assisted me in

getting the part of the evil British Sailor in the 30 part mini series

call Wing Yung. I have added a few pictures which give a glimpse of this

experience.” John Luckey

“其实在中国生活有些机会真是不期而遇,我的一位具有多年中美影视剧拍摄经验的老朋友Steve Boergadine,帮助我进入了《容闳》的小型电视剧拍摄,我在这里出演一个邪恶的英国水手,我也加了一些排练现场的瞬间照片。”

Rehearsal Scenes(彩排花絮)

Hospital Scene(医院场景)

Fight Scene(打斗场景)

片花 (查看44:32分 )

Friend, Colleague, Michael Ludwich expresses thoughts on Facetime (Chinese TV Talk Show)

Michael Ludwich is currently the Director of Development at AISG.  He appears on Facetime and talks about his experiences as an emerging singer and actor in China. Please take a look at the link above.  (A celebration of his time in China)




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Updated News: Jango Internet Radio: Now at 1,300 Fans and Friends

News: There are now 1,300  listed  as John Luckey fans on Jango homepage.  Jango is an international internet radio where those who listen to my music  can choose to give me positive feedback.  Thank You All for your encouragement

My Profile and songs available here. It includes a list of songs available for streaming. Jango is an international internet radio station listened to around the world. My 1,300 friends are from every continent (except Antarctica)  and over 50 countries. I have felt fortunate that in our modern internet age, music can so easily be shared.





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