Inspirations Mystery

  Inspiration’s Mystery

-by John Luckey

(What is Musical Improvisation?) 

Listening to the timeless night
 with Wings and a Heart 
outstretched  with Wonder. 

The starry edge of timeless night
, the gathering winds 
that take my fingers into flight.

In these moments 
I wonder,  listen and without thought or plan,

With the move of a hand…

This edge of timeless time,

Becomes like a closing window,

Opening to somewhere I can’t see. 

Still… like a vision.

It stays… 
for a moment,

It is all of me and more than me. 

Effortless and Effort Full. 

As the moment beckons,

It is Paradise…

As the moment comes…

It is gone… 

To be awakened on the wings and hope…

Of a new ephemeral moment.  

(This is inspiration) 




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